news and press News a.s.r. becomes fully carbon neutral
News Utrecht 19 September 2019 12:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. becomes fully carbon neutral

Thursday, September 19, a.s.r. will become fully carbon neutral, and maintains 84,000 m2 of office space without the supply of natural gas.

The office building of a.s.r. has been completely renovated in recent years. During the renovation a.s.r. implemented several energy-saving measures. The building, which is over forty years old, already has a double glass façade and 1,200 black solar panels on the roof.

The office is also equipped with a heat-cold storage system for sustainable heating and cooling, sufficient daylight, a heat ceiling and roofs with sedum plants that discharge rainwater in phases. Partly due to the energy-efficient installations, the energy label of the office building then shifted from a G-label to an A-label.

The last two gas boilers have now been replaced by heat pumps.

Today we are taking the final step towards a climate-neutral building. We celebrate this energy transition together with the King's Commissioner in the province of Utrecht, Mr. Hans Oosters, who together with a.s.r. switched-off the natural gas tap. 

This action fits the purpose of a.s.r. to minimize its footprint. With this transition, a.s.r. hopes to stimulate other buildings to become more sustainable.

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