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news and press News asr gebruikt uitkomsten Barometer Culturele Diversiteit om diversiteit verder te stimuleren
News Utrecht 29 January 2021 14:30 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. uses results of Cultural Diversity Barometer to further encourage diversity

According to the Cultural Diversity Barometer of Statistics Netherlands, 17% of all a.s.r. employees are from a migrant background. This means that the share of a.s.r. employees with a migrant background is smaller than in the Dutch working population at large, where it is 21%.

This survey also shows that 10% of this group has a non-Western migration background. The figure for the Dutch working population is 11%. a.s.r. has fewer employees with a migrant background, particularly in the higher age categories. In the group of employees up to 45 years of age, 22% have a migration background, while in the group of 55 years and older, 11% do. There are also differences in diversity between the various jobs. In higher and senior management, 10% have a non-Dutch background compared to 17% of a.s.r. as a whole.

Jolanda Sappelli, Human Resources Director at a.s.r.: ‘For our company to be successful, it is important that employees are skilled, but also that they differ from each other and are allowed to express these differences. This is why we strive for a balanced composition of our workforce. The results of this barometer give us an insight into our cultural diversity and provide us with points of reference for initiatives to encourage diversity and inclusion within a.s.r. For us, diversity is not just about cultural and social backgrounds, but also about age, gender, competencies, attitudes and work styles. That is why I am also pleased with the recent outcome of the Gender Diversity Index, which tells us that a.s.r. shows the most progress of all participating companies in Europe when it comes to gender diversity at the top of the business community.’

Cultural Diversity Barometer
Statistics Netherlands has developed the Cultural Diversity Barometer. This barometer can be applied for by organisations with more than 250 employees. They can have Statistics Netherlands take a look at an anonymous version of their workforce and subsequently receive statistics about the cultural diversity within their organisation. Click here for the Cultural Diversity Barometer of a.s.r.

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