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News Utrecht 15 March 2020 18:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. closes all branches due to the coronavirus

a.s.r. has decided to close down all branches immediately until further notice. As of tomorrow, all colleagues will work from home due to the corona virus.

After a previous decision was made to split all business units into A and B teams, as well as reports of a number of possible infections of employees of a.s.r., we decided to close down all branches. Although it is not certain that the corona virus is involved, the decision was made to close the premises as a precaution for all colleagues and to ensure the continuity of business processes as much as possible.

a.s.r. is prepared for large-scale and long-term working from home. Since the introduction of time- and place-independent working, employees have already made ample use of this. A test last week, in which more than 90% of employees logged in from a location other than one of the a.s.r. locations, was proven successful.

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