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news and press Press releases Brand New Day company pension now called Doenpensioen of a.s.r.
Press Utrecht 01 April 2022 10:00 EU/Amsterdam

Brand New Day company pension now called Doenpensioen of a.s.r.

From now on, the company pension product of Brand New Day PPI is called Doenpensioen of a.s.r. The name change is a consequence of the 100% acquisition of premium pension institution Brand New Day by a.s.r. on 1 April last year. Doenpensioen is administered by the PPI of a.s.r.

The PPI was established in 2011 through a joint venture between a.s.r. and Brand New Day (BND). Since then, over 7,800 employers with approximately 252,000 employees have opted for a pension scheme of BND PPI. Assets under management amounted to over € 1.8 billion at the end of February 2022.

a.s.r. had a 50% interest in the PPI of BND and acquired the remaining interest on 1 April 2021. As a result, a.s.r. now fully owns the company pension joint venture and the former employees of the PPI (53 FTEs) are now employed by a.s.r. At the time of the takeover, it was agreed that the name BND PPI would eventually cease to exist.

Folkert Pama, Director of Pensions at a.s.r: “With Doenpensioen small employers, too, have the opportunity to offer their employees a flexible and sustainable pension. This also fits in with our mission to contribute to the financial self-sufficiency of Dutch people”.

The new name a.s.r. Doenpensioen has been communicated to advisers and customers through a mailing and videos, among other things.

a.s.r. currently offers two defined contribution schemes:

  • Werknemers Pensioen (Employee Pension)
  • Doen pension

About a.s.r.

ASR Nederland N.V. (a.s.r.) ranks among the top 3 insurers in the Netherlands. a.s.r. offers products and services in the fields of insurance, pensions and mortgages forconsumers, self-employed persons and employers. In addition, a.s.r. is active as an asset manager for third parties. a.s.r. is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and included in the AMX Index.

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